• Does Biblical Counseling Really Work?
  • YES! It’s been proven since the garden in Genesis chapter 2, when God and man began to have a dialog with one another. God counseled Adam. God’s word will not return void. I personally have experienced the process of counseling that brings healing to many people over the last 30 years.
  • How Long do we meet?
    This is up to the individual, but when there is peace that passes understanding in the heart and mind of the counselee that is when the work of the Holy Spirit is complete. We will not arrive at perfection here on earth but can walk in freedom as we learn to trust God in all our ways.
  • How Often?
    Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, we can schedule appointments in advance or when needed. If you need to cancel an appointment please call ASAP in order for me to adjust my schedule for new clients
  • Progress Measurement?
    This is the part I love the most when meeting with clients.“For it is God who is at work in you, but to will and to act accordingly to His pleasure.” Philippians 2:13  Upon request we can design an inventory to work through to see results quickly.

What does Biblical Counseling do specifically?

As a Biblical counselor I will in love, discern, identify, and exhort you as we meet. I will by the grace of God, admonish if need be, teach, exhort, bear your burdens, encourage and comfort you. I will listen. Pray. Ask for wisdom from the Holy Spirit, and love you.

What will Biblical counseling do for me?

The purpose is to produce salvation, sanctification, and spiritual fruit.