Couples Counseling / Resolving Marital Conflict Biblically

IdylleLife is hard but God is good.

Marriage is – Two sinners that come together and who are in need of grace with one another! It is a reflection of the church as the bride and Jesus as the one true groom,  in marriage we are sanctified and refined to be more like Christ in the process.

Mark (my husband of 30 years, who has taught on marriage with the ETC material) and I will be glad to come alongside  you to help you with reconciliation when conflict comes. We will take a look at what a Biblical view of marriage is, and learn what God determined about this beautiful union called marriage.

In Song of Solomon we read about a pattern between two people. First there is an attraction to one another, then we read about how beautiful courtship can be. Courtship will always lead to marriage if the intentions are pure before the Lord. Then we read about the conflict between the husband and wife within the marriage but thank goodness then we see  there is conflict resolution between the two as they learn to set aside pride and selfishness.

Please contact Jana If you would like to receive Biblical Counseling from her to help you with this.

photo by: dorena-wm