Common Issues

Father Forgive The Lord permits suffering in our lives. He allows these trials and tribulations to conform us into the image of His son Christ Jesus. This momentary pain that we go through here on earth will  be used for His glory, even in the spreading of the gospel.

Christ is the ultimate example of  suffering and  it was with joy that He went to the cross to die the most horrific death known to mankind. With obedience to His Father, and His love for you and I, He bore the burdens of our sins and died on our behalf. He who knew no sin took on the sins of the world past, present, and future . He took our place upon the wooden cross and made the final sacrifice so that those who believe this truth will be saved from being separated from God forever, which is Hell.

The beauty of suffering is that it brings about life. The book of James instructs us that when these tests come, we are not to question them or even be surprised by them. In fact we should consider it pure joy knowing that the testing of our faith develops perseverance and makes us complete lacking in nothing.

Now you and I can gaze upon the beauty of Jesus, who on that 3rd day rose from the dead to life and is now sitting with His Father, God  Almighty in Heaven, praying for you. Christ is life for all eternity.

The source of our thoughts, emotions, and actions is a direct result of the condition of our heart, not the circumstance itself.

The issues of pain and suffering that bring about uncertainty of our future, can be lightened as we allow Him to carry the burdens we face. Together we will pray, go through scripture and seek His beauty. May we fall at His feet in awe, for He is our Savior!

You and I, by the inner working power of the Holy Spirit, can walk in grace and love no matter what comes our way.

photo by: Ben Sutherland